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About us


Câlin stands for handmade, sustainable and honest slow fashion designed in our own little atelier, sewn together by our talented seamstresses, inspired by the vibrant streets and canals of Amsterdam. "Câlin" means "hug" in French, which is exactly our goal: we want you to feel hugged by our designs! 

Chances are if you are visiting our site, you care. You care about looking your very best, but also, you care about your environment, your healthy diet, your children, your future, OUR future. So do we! We can help you not only reduce your ecological footprint on this planet. Also, by buying our garments you will actively make a contribution to feeding families that would otherwise have no income. That makes you a hero! Thank you for caring, thank you for trying! 

The fashion brand Câlin is the simple story of following your heart. Designer Azra from Bosnia Herzegovina dreamt of her own design-studio since she was 12 years old. The circumstances had her graduate from Journalism and even obtain her master’s degree in the field. Yet she always kept dreaming of other choices. With ongoing studies in her own field, she graduated from the Italian fashion design school in 2003 and slowly but surely started working on hand-made, high-quality garments, which would represent her vision and her dedication.  Her fashion label was renamed to Câlin last year, she entered the international retail market and together with her husband and two lovely daughters now runs a growing enterprise in a small country on the Europian ground. As of now, she employs 4 seamstresses, which she handpicked and schooled and who would otherwise be unemployable. All materials used in her garments are bought in Italy, chosen by the art director herself. The materials are mostly leftovers of big fashion brands, that don't need them anymore. This is how we contribute: we use high-quality materials that would otherwise go to waste, and we are empowering woman who would otherwise be unemployable to feed their families. That is why we are constantly reviewing our designs and why all of our collections are limited editions. 

Câlin AMSTERDAM is the small fashion atelier’s representative in the Netherlands.

Every item in this wardrobe has a history and a story weaved into it and we hope that in the colder days of the year you will feel hugged into the day by our unique garments (Câlin, fr. “Hug”).